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Skopje House Design

Modern House Design in the outskirts of Skopje

Gavril Boshkoski

Skopje, Bardovci

297 sqm


Residential Design

In progress

Skopje House design


The client’s requirement was straightforward: an elegant and contemporary residence. Situated with its back towards the street on the northern side, the house features minimal openings, in contrast to the fully open southern and eastern facades, offering breathtaking views of Vodno Mountain and the intimate courtyard that the location possesses.

The ground floor program comprises a spacious living area, a guest room, parking facilities, and service areas. On the upper level, the bedrooms are strategically placed to create separate “apartments.” Between these two rooms lies a Spa area and a large hallway, flooded with natural light through expansive windows on opposing ends, resembling a courtyard nestled between the “apartments.”

The design embodies the fusion of functionality and aesthetics, blending harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. The use of clean lines, contemporary materials, and thoughtful spatial arrangement defines the house’s modern character. The combination of privacy in the bedrooms and openness in the shared areas creates a balanced living environment.

Every detail has been meticulously considered, from the selection of high-quality materials to the integration of sustainable elements. The Bardovci House stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering timeless architectural solutions that surpass expectations.

Skopje House design
Skopje House design