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GVRL+ is an award winning studio founded in 2021, by Gavril Boshkoski,
GVRL+  is a multidisciplinary design studio that quickly rises into the spotlight of the international design scene.

Motivated by global trends, our goal is to craft cozy and enduring spaces for clients not only in North Macedonia but also across Europe and beyond. We customize our design projects to suit our clients’ way of life while upholding high standards for excellence and beauty. Led by our principal designer, Gavril Boshkoski, who brings a wealth of experience from the design field prior to establishing this studio. Our portfolio encompasses a range of interior design projects, from homes and businesses to public spaces, and architectural projects.


We think that your true essence should shine through in your interior design. That’s why we focus on crafting spaces that mirror your unique identity and tell your story. In all our interior projects, you’ll find a touch of elegance. We blend ideas from both timeless and modern styles, creating fresh and unique atmospheres. Our team approaches design with unwavering enthusiasm, driven by references, inspiration, and a desire for something truly special.


Bespoke design is at the core of GVRL’s approach. We collaborate closely with our varied clientele from the first meeting to the initial design concepts, all the way through to the detailed development. Every interior design project we undertake is specifically crafted for its unique setting, showcasing outstanding value and architectural excellence. Additionally, every aspect of a project is fine-tuned to match our clients’ wishes. If desired, we can also provide expert oversight throughout the construction phase, ensuring high client satisfaction from start to finish.


In every interior design project we undertake, we hold our client feedback in high regard, seamlessly weaving it into our creative process. Together, we set out on a journey to bring our client’s vision to life, providing expert guidance every step of the way. Our meticulous attention to detail, coupled with our passion for interior design and innovation, has been known to inspire our clients. As your trust in us deepens, and with the growth of our experience, we consistently enhance our services. This means that as your unique vision takes shape, so do we, continuously improving to deliver the best possible outcome.


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