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BR Apartment

Modern Luxury Minimalist Apartment


Gavril Boshkoski

Prilep, North Macedonia

50 sqm


Residential Design



This Modern Luxury Minimalist Apartment design project, is nestled on the outskirts of Vodno mountain in Skopje, this exceptional penthouse offers an unrivaled panoramic vista that stretches across the majestic landscape. The duplex layout is complemented by expansive, floor-to-ceiling windows, which served as the catalyst for conceiving an inviting, informal living space.

In a stroke of design ingenuity, we opted to forgo the conventional television and its accompanying console, opting instead to transform this area into a cinematic haven. The rationale behind this choice was clear: when one is ensconced in a penthouse with such a breathtaking panorama, the allure of the natural world surpasses any screen.

Our minimalist aesthetic is a study in refined elegance, infused with sumptuous textures derived from earth’s own bounty – the innate warmth of natural stone and the timeless allure of wood. The kitchen, a model of understated opulence, has been meticulously curated for optimal functionality, while exuding an air of serenity. Crafted from natural oak and adorned with the exquisite Pietra Grigia marble, it marries form and function seamlessly.

Within the living space, we curated an ensemble from renowned Dutch brands, “Zuiver” and “Dutchbone,” a testament to our dedication to sourcing furnishings of the highest caliber, aligning perfectly with our vision of sophistication and comfort.

As daylight dances through the expansive windows, it bathes the penthouse in a soft, golden glow, seamlessly merging the interior with the awe-inspiring vistas beyond. Here, every element has been chosen with precision and intention, allowing the natural splendor to take center stage, while providing a harmonious backdrop to a lifestyle of elevated living. This penthouse is not merely a residence; it is an ode to the sublime beauty that surrounds it.

Modern Luxury Minimalist Rooftop
Modern minimalist rooftop skopje

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